What is Bio-Misting

Bio-misting is a sterilisation technique that creates a dry or wet mist which eliminates a high percentage, if not all, pathogens that cannot be reached by conventional cleaning. It is long established and recognised method of sterilising an entire surface area, including walls, ceilings, furnishing, carpets and floors. The methods involved in the Bio-fogging process have been used and developed over a number of years and has taken yet another leap forward in recent times.

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​Specialist solutions

​SteriZar is our choice solution of choice. It is a biocidal disinfectant highly tested & proven effective against all Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, & Fungi while remaining safe to use and fully biodegradable which after months of research is our chosen choice.

​How effective is Bio-misting

​Bio-misting is an extremely effective sterilisation method. Biocides are used in the process and is proven to work effectively against viruses, fungi, spores and bacteria such as HIV, Influenza, MRSA, C.difficile, Norovirus.

​What makes this method of disinfection 'next level'?

  • Contact with germ time - often cleaners simply spray and wipe which does not allow enough time for the wet disinfectant to fully neutralise and kill the virus, bacteria or fungi, Sterizar stays wet long enough to fill all known germs.


  • Cleaning solution - not all cleaning solutions are effective - our solutions kill all currently known germs.


  • Airborne germs and infections - the particles of disinfectant expelled when cleaners spray a bottle are too big to disinfect the air as they fall rapidly to the ground. Our Bio-fogging technology expel particles that are so small that they stay suspended long enough in the air to sanitise it. We can change the size of these particles mid treatment according to the surface needs.
  • Allergens - spray bottles are often perfumed and can aggravate allergies when people re-enter the area. our foggers do not trigger allergies and on request we can provide our unscented range of solutions at no extra cost.


  • Spray and wipe techniques can allow patches to be missed and pockets of bacteria to remain and then spread - our fogging technique and technology ensures this does not happen.


  • A disinfection the size of a tennis court would take a couple of cleaners with a manual spray bottle and cloth between 10 - 12 hours. We can cover this with one bio-misting operator in under 90 minutes with more reliable coverage.


  • Cloths can spread germs to new areas if not changed regularly during a sanitation - our fogging particles land and kill the germ with no cloth or medium in between - it is a straight kill of the germ.


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